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Platters & Desserts.


Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free.          

A one person platter, containing the following:

4 Triangle sandwiches

2 Roasted veg skewers


Nut selection

£8.00 each




Cheese Platter £20.00

A selection of 5 cheeses served with baby plum

tomatoes, crackers & grapes


Fresh Fruit Platter £16.00

A selection of seasonal fruits served with yogurt dip


Fresh Fruit Kebab Skewers £20.00

50 mini kebab skewers with marshmallows and seasonal



Caramelised Onion & Cheddar Tart Platter £13.00

48 slices


Indian Savoury Selection £15.00

100 piece selection of bhajis, samosas & pakoras with

sweet chilli dip


Vegetable Spring Rolls £12.00

50 spring rolls with sweet chilli dip


Onion Rings Platter £8.00

60 battered onion rings served with BBQ dip


Garlic Bread Platter £8.00

70 slices of garlic baguette


Bread Platter £20.00

Selection of 5 sliced crusty loaves served with olive oil, balsamic

vinegar & butter


Caprese Bites £12.00

Mozzarella bites with baby plum tomatoes & fresh basil served

on cocktail stick skewers (approx 50)


Minted New Potatoes Platter £9.00

A large platter of baby new potatoes drizzled in mint sauce


Coleslaw Platter £15.00

A large platter of homemade coleslaw made with white & red

cabbage, onions, creme fraiche, mayonnaise, grated carrot & chives


Potato Salad Platter £15.00

A large platter of homemade creme fraiche potato salad



Salad Bowls.

Mediterranean Salad £15.00

Mixed leaf, baby tomatoes, mixed peppers, olives, red onion, balsamic & olive oil dressing


Egg Salad £14.00

Mixed leaf, sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sweetcorn, egg halves, grated carrot


Cheese Salad £14.00

Mixed leaf, chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumber, grated

carrot, grated cheese


Classic Salad £12.00

Mixed leaf, sliced cucumber, baby tomatoes, sliced radishes




Seafood Platter £20.00

Prawns, rollmops, smoked salmon, crab sticks & mussels


Seafood Sticks Platter £6.00

60 seafood sticks served with rose marie sauce


Tempura King Prawns Platter £16.00

50 tempura king prawns served with sweet chilli dip




Mixed Wings Platter £20.00

50 flavoured chicken wings


Chicken Drumsticks Platter £20.00

40 chicken drumsticks (plain or flavoured)


Chicken Skewers Platter £15.00

50 chicken skewers served with sweet chilli dip


Bacon & Gruyere Cheese Tart Platter - £13.00

48 slices


Antipasti Platter £20.00

Sliced Italian meats, cheese, pickles & olives


Corned Beef Square Platter £15.00

45 slices of corned beef square


Pigs in Blankets Platter £15.00

50 pigs in blankets served with a cranberry dip


Ham & Pickle Platter £20.00

50 assorted slices of the following flavoured ham: Wiltshire,

smoked black pepper, smoked, mustard, breaded

& Bavarian smoked, served with ploughman's pickle & a caramelised onion chutney




Black Forest Gateau, 12 servings £5.00

Cheesecake - lemon or strawberry, 6 servings £3.00

Chocolate sponge cake - 16 servings £8.00

Buttercream topped victoria sponge cake - 16 servings £8.00




Tea bags, coffee, milk and sugar can be provided for a one-off

£5.00 fee.   (Please check your venue has a hot water urn)

Cups and saucers can be hired for an additional one-off £5.00 fee.


Please see our Business Menu page for soft drink options

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